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Recover Funds Lost To
A Romance, Dating or Relationship Scam

Romance scams are cleverly deceptive schemes that specifically target individuals seeking love and companionship online. These scammers often craft fake profiles on dating websites or social media platforms, complete with stolen photos and entirely fabricated personal backgrounds. They initiate online relationships, gradually building trust and forging emotional connections with their unsuspecting victims. Over time, scammers introduce various tactics, like inventing emergencies or financial hardships, all designed to persuade their targets to send money. Some of the popular romance scams tactics include catfishing, love bombing, emotional manipulation, sweetheart scam, and financial requests. These scams exploit emotions and trust, leading victims to unwittingly send money or divulge personal information to fraudsters who ultimately vanish, leaving victims both financially and emotionally devastated. To protect yourself, exercise caution, verify identities, and promptly report any suspicious online behavior, thus safeguarding yourself from falling victim to these scams.

If you've been a victim of a romance scam, please reach out to us, and we'll start the process to recover your lost funds. At Financial Options Recovery, we're committed to helping those who have fallen for various types of romance scams. Our team of experienced recovery experts will spare no effort to track down both the scammers and the funds you've lost. We also offer a range of informative guides to help you avoid romance scams in the future.

Why Choose Us
For Romance Fraud Recovery

We procure a certified team of professionals with the latest fiscal knowledge who are familiar with online romance scams.

We are qualified to recover unclaimed funds by searching a public database and collaborating with online dating apps.

We adapt timely and tranquil recovery procedures.

We have established a 92% case victory rate.

Support and Counselling

Our team of professionals is highly capable of providing emotional support and counselling to its clients who have been victims of romance scams

Legal Action

We help you pursue legal action against the scammers, including associating with law enforcement agencies


Our experts are tyrants while negotiating with con artists to recover the lost funds of their clients.

Documentation and Paperwork

We help clients prepare the documentation and paperwork needed for proceedings, disputes, or claims

How can you avoid Online Romance Scam?

Avoiding online romance scams is lucrative and beneficial for safeguarding yourself. Scammers implement unscrupulous tactics that are essential to detect and overcome inherent risks and substantial losses.

Here are some of the unpretentious ways you can use to avoid potential online romance scams:

How Financial Options Recovery can assist victims of online romance scams

We at Financial Options Recovery aid online romance scam victims by investigating the fraudulent activity, tracing financial transactions, liaising with relevant institutions, and employing legal channels if needed.

Through these actions, we aim to recover lost funds and provide guidance to victims on reporting the scam to authorities.

Through proficient negotiation and documentation, we strive to recover lost funds while offering guidance and support to victims during the recovery process.

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